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MN Recyclery

MN Recyclery goals are multi-fold in providing bicycles to people in the East Metro Area of Minnesota.

Bring joy to children, by letting them become explorers, adventurers and dreamers of their futures, while encouraging them to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors of our state and learn to ride safely.

Bicycle TransportationHelp adults get transportation to jobs and events when their circumstances do not allow the access to transportation. At the same time it encourages getting exercise and maintaining good health.

How can you help?

Collect and donate your old bikes, or from neighbors, friends or relatives. Never allow a usable bike to be throw in the trash. The better the bike the more usable, but all have value. If you see a bike, set it aside for us, we will try to collect it from you. If you can bring it to us, that is even better.

If you need a bike or know some who does, contact us through the Bicycle Request form.

Kids bikesWe often have very good bikes we donate in exchange for a donation to our cause. We like to include a helmet with our donated bikes. If we can sell a donated bikes for $100, it allows us to buy 10 helmets. So do not look at it as an expense, but a donation. As a bonus you receive a bike we have refurbished. A win-win situation that keeps giving.

You can help us by volunteering, donating money, or telling your family and friends about us. We especially need a few more bike stands. We are a year round bike recyclery, so our season never ends. Use your winter to give us that unused bike hanging in your garage.

Please call (651) 402-4880 with any questions.

Who we are

Our dedicated group of volunteers who refurbish bikes of all kinds. We receive requests from various groups like St Andrews in Mahtomedi, Zion Luthern Church in St Paul, Solid Ground in White Bear Lake and Karina’s in St Paul, and those helping women in crisis. Other¬†organizations include Habitat for Humanity and Canvas Health. We just donated 50 kids bikes to for next Christmas gifts!

Thank you on behalf of the hundreds of people who have received bikes during the past year!